My hope is to come alongside those living in and those curious about the story of God by helping them navigate life’s challenges in a rapidly changing world, so they can live the story they were designed to live.” — Gary

About Gary


Gary and his wife, Johni, moved into Nashville 18 years ago with a heart for those without Christ and the desire to be engaged in the movement of God in Urban Nashville. Today, they live in East Nashville with their two daughters McKenna (20) and Story (16). They love their community and have enjoyed getting to know the stories behind the owners and customers of the coffee shops, restaurants, and small business they interact with on a regular basis.


Gary is a graduate of Union University, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and is an ongoing learner of culture and theology.  Since graduating, he has engaged in ministry in a wide variety of settings including as a student ministry coordinator with Centrifuge, a youth pastor with Churches in Franklin, TN, Morristown, TN, Baton Rouge, LA, and Windermere FL. Gary has also been a lead pastor in Nashville for 18 years total at two communities of faith, Edgefield Baptist Church and Mosaic Nashville.


His wife Johni, who he has been married to for 27 years, is a mercy-oriented lover of life and people. She enjoys recipes and horror movies. 

His daughter McKenna is starting her junior year at The King’s College in NYC, while his other daughter Story is finishing her last year of high school in Nashville.


Gary loves reading, conversation, laughter, and hearing stories about others’ spiritual journeys. He is known for his passion for relationships, his creative speaking style, and his value for community.

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