Gary’s Speaking Topics

Here is a glimpse into some of the possible themes Gary can speak on. If you have something else in mind, feel free to contact him about the theme that God has laid on your heart.

Jesus asks a question of His Disciples that we all must seek to find resolution with; Jesus asked,“Who do the crowds say that I am?” But, then Jesus is more direct. He moves them to think, to reflect, and then to speak up... “But you,”
He asked them, “who do you say that I am?”
You see, Jesus did not really want the disciples’ lives to be driven or founded on the thoughts of others or culture; Jesus wanted His disciples to see and know for themselves who Jesus was. This is true for us as well…join in and explore a response to this question from the series “Who is this Jesus?”

“How then shall we live?”

It is a question that has been asked since the beginning of time and throughout the entire sweep of Church History. The uncertainty of How to Live, to Hope, and to Love in the midst of confusion, suffering, marginalization, cultural change, political chaos, and violence seems to permeate our current culture.

An artist dreams, designs, shapes, creates, and brings life

The ultimate Artist, the one true God, has chosen to PAINT the glory of His grace and love upon the CANVAS of our lives and the lives of His Family. Jesus asks for us to follow Him so He might create, restore, redeem, and bring life to the canvas of our lives, and there-in His Church.

To pause, consider, think about, meditate, praise, or lift up

Selah is the moment you abandon yourself in an attitude of reflection and awe. 
Selah is the peace in the midst of disorder. Recognize your rhythms, and manage your margins to make room for God. 

To the ends of the EARTH

As a follower of Christ, to this you are called: to go, to travel, to leave, to depart, to journey, to live the story of Christ in
your city, and to the ends of the Earth. We have been called of God to Embrace God’s mission, within our community, through our generosity, our service, our caring, and our going. Join us as we learn God's call on each of our lives and how to be set apart and ready to “EMBRACE” His remarkable calling. 

Relationships in the WAYS of JESUS 
Jesus calls us to love each other the way that He loves us. It’s simple, but it’s definitely not easy. How do we love like Jesus in our relationships with our families? Our friends? Our neighbors? Those who are closest to us?

“Anyone Who Has Ears to Hear Should Listen!"

The idea behind the Storyteller conversation is simple—come alongside others, and go on a life-giving journey through the biblical parables with Jesus as our Storyteller. When understood and studied, Jesus’ stories, called parables, are some of the most engaging sections of Scripture. Our prayer is that this investment in the parables will bless you and lay a foundation for you to grow into the image of the Son, for the sake of others.

What do your Fears look like?
Are there any “what if’s” that cause you fear? If so, what are they, and how do those fears affect you? When is it difficult for you to hope in God?  People are afraid, and those fears and doubts affect what we believe about God and how He can intervene in our lives. “Fear Not” helps us overcome fear and transform it into faith and obedience. 


Is it possible to hear God's voice? Is it possible to recognize God's voice when we are listening for it? Many of us look for answers and direction from books, music, seminars, and baristas, as well as from one another. While each of these sources has a place and is often used by the Lord to speak to us, the tendency for many is to rely solely on these sources and never learn the value of seeking Him nor the joy of “hearing His voice.” Join in the journey to hear the voice of God.

The Church Beautiful is about people who sense God's calling on their lives; it’s about a community with dreams, it’s about a community exploring what God might want to do in and through them, it’s about rearrangement, it’s about stretching, it’s about beginning for some and growing for others.  In today's consumer-driven culture, the Church is always in danger of existing for itself. The Church BEAUTIFUL is our reminder of what being the Church is really all about—God's people doing God's work together by the power of God's Spirit.  

Gary’s Upcoming Speaking Schedule

June 2nd
24 Church, Pleasant View, TN

June 10th -15th

Fuge Student Camps
North Greenville College, Greenville S.C.

June 25th -29th

Fuge Student Camps
Panama City Beach, Fla.

July 5th - 9th

Fuge Student Camps
Ridgecrest Conference Center, Ridgecrest, N.C.

July 15th - 20th

Fuge Student Camps
Union University, Jackson, Tn.

July 21st 2019
Restoration Church, Nashville, TN


June 1st - 6th 2020

Fuge Student Camps
North Greenville College, Greenville S.C.

June 15th -20th 2020

Fuge Student Camps
Union University, Jackson, Tn.

July 6th -10th 2020

Fuge Student Camps
Panama City Beach, Fla. 

July 27, 2020 - July 31, 2020 

Centri-Kid Camps
Shocco Springs Conference Center

July 31, 2020 - August 2, 2020

Centri-Kid  Camps
Shocco Springs Conference Center

 August 3rd 2020 – August 8th 2020

BEDOTELL Camps    
Fort Caswell, NC